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 Let Us Laugh Now

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PostSubject: Let Us Laugh Now   May 26th 2010, 9:49 am

You were in a rush
Had your glasses off
Grabbed a can and sprayed your hair
The “hairspray” being bathroom foam cleaner
You leave with a spike hairdo.

Let us laugh now.

You were in a hurry
You back out of the garage
With my car slightly behind yours
Dad navigates who is almost legally blind
You almost hit my car
You angled out
And ripped the side mirror off the door.

Let us laugh now.

You show me your car is broke
An air gauge clip is next to the emergency brake
I tell you the brake is not broke
You ask why the emergency light is lit up
I say you have your foot on the brake.

Let us laugh now.

You had boiled hummingbird food
Mixture, water and sugar
You are standing there watching
It ooze out of the bottom
All over your shoes and on the floor
You asked why it does that
The bottom was not screwed on.

Let us laugh now.

You had walked away from the stove
Left a frying pan on
I come home to a house full of black smoke
The pan is on fire.

Let us laugh now.

You get a phone call
It is from the doctors office
Notifying you of your appointment
You write it down wrong
You miss the appointment.

Let us laugh now.

You want to know what I did with your pill box
Why the pills are not full
You took tonight’s pills this morning
And in the spirit of things
Mixed the days all up to backfill the spaces.

Let us laugh now.

You are still able to drive
To answer the phone
To take messages and “convey them”
Yet you won’t get a hearing aide
You wont’ get your eyes checked

Let us laugh now.
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PostSubject: Re: Let Us Laugh Now   May 27th 2010, 10:46 am

Oh this fits my wife to a tee, I love her to bits but will she ever admit to getting in wrong? No chance. Like the time when I made mushroom ketchup which takes days to produce one small bottle; CRASH Christine had knocked it onto the tiled floor.
“Oh No” I screamed.
“Well what a stupid place to put it” observed the wife.
“What you mean on the worktop?”
“Ok on the worktop, but not there”
“You mean where it’s not in any danger from your flailing arms?”
“Don’t be silly”

Nice poem, that walking disaster should have a danger sign hung round their neck.
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Armchair Queen


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PostSubject: Re: Let Us Laugh Now   May 28th 2010, 9:50 am

This is very funny, especially since it does not apply to me at this nano second in time. However, it does or basically will apply to me, maybe not the exact same incidents because when I am in a hurry something usually goes awry, like one morning I wasn't careful and instead of cinnamon I poured cumin in the coffee grounds, or accidentally putting soy sauce instead of vanilla extract in the muffin batch, because I didn't double check and read the label first, it was just a dark liquid in a glass jar, luckily I realized it before baking the muffins. Or pulling an open bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer and spilling them all over the floor, yes it goes on and on, and later perhaps after the cursing, maybe a few days or so I laugh, or if it wasn't myself the laughter may come instantly. Minor misshaps are slapstick and humorous.

Armchair Queen
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PostSubject: Re: Let Us Laugh Now   May 31st 2010, 1:03 pm

I was laughing that's for sure.....I have a friend that used air freshener for deodourant and I have backed into my wife's car that "I" put there.....this is funny all the way through, but it is also a little sad. Age can do some strange things to us all. Enjoyed this a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: Let Us Laugh Now   

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Let Us Laugh Now
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