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 Results! Bi-Annual Contest

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Results! Bi-Annual Contest Empty
PostResults! Bi-Annual Contest

Results! Poet Share’s Bi-Annual Contest: June 30, 2010
We appreciate everyone who participated in the contest,
with your outstanding poetry nominations and Poll votes.

Congratulations to each of the winners!!
They will receive a special Badge, 5 karma points, and 50 Fun Points.
Winning poems will be stickied at the top of their respective boards
for the next 6 months and marked with a special Icon.
Here are the winning poems, voted by your fellow members.

Special Contests:
Member's Choice--The Somme by Carousal
Smiley Challenge--The Rules of the Heart by karla bandanza
Brain Box--Passion's Deluge by Harklight

Board Contests:

  • Classical--Stars in Daytime by Jamie
  • Japanese--Ruby Allure by Harklight
  • 5 or Less--Where Tears Run Golden by witheredrose
  • Nature--A poem for the flowers by karla bandanza
  • Children's--The Angel's Lullaby by ebonfire
  • Love--The View From Within by Harklight
  • Joy--Yesterday's Sandals by Jamie
  • Despair--Daddy, Don't Let go by PCShogun
  • Spirit--Where Soldiers Die by ApocalypticJay
  • Humor--An appeal by Her Majesty the Queen by Drfogg
  • Storytellers--Scarlet Ribbons by Isobelle
  • Songs & Music--Why . . . by VelvetRosetta
  • SocioPolitico--Enlighten Us, Confess! by Harklight
  • Depths--Heathen Banquet by ApocalypticJay
  • Unplugged--As old as time by Isobelle
  • Mature--Amber by karla bandanza

If you weren't successful this round, please try in December's Contest.

We ask all members to reply to at least 2 other writes for each of yours that you post. Remember to enter Brain Box Contests and vote in Polls to help decide the winners. Find a great poem? Please PM staff to nominate it as Weekly Featured Poem.
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Results! Bi-Annual Contest :: Comments

Re: Results! Bi-Annual Contest
Post on July 27th 2010, 11:44 pm by Jamie
Congratulations to all of the winners!! We'll notify each of you by PM when we grant your prizes. Granting all the badges, Karma, and Fun Points will take us a few days, so please bear with us. Thank you to all of the entrants, we hope you had fun with the new Special Contests and invite you to send us your ideas for next time!! Smile

Also, if your poem won, and you haven't already posted it in the board it has won for, please do so as soon as possible so we can sticky it for you and mark it with the winning icon!!

Results! Bi-Annual Contest

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