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 Foggy & George

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PostSubject: Foggy & George   March 3rd 2011, 5:26 am


Back in the 80's, it's now commonly known
Nancy Reagan would get an astrologer on the phone
When her husband Ronnie needed important advice
From selling missles to Communists.. to cooking fried rice..

Reagan's successor, George H W Bush
Had this magic soccer ball that he would push
Back and forth across the White House floor
If it stopped on white, do nothing.. black meant go too war..

When Bill Clinton moved into the White House, he kept a magic cigar
Hidden from his wife under his bed in a jar
When in a dilemma, he would light it on the spot
And ask the closest intern, "should I go for it or not?"

But then Clinton left office and George W. moved in
He threw all of the magic cigars into the trash bin
His fathers soccer ball he put high on a shelf
Said, "I don't need help, I can handle this by myself!"

But then 9-11 happened, W. found himself over his head
"I need someone to give me advice" too his cat he said
Then he heard about this man from England who could breathe in smog
"Call him at once!" he yelled, "bring me Dr. Fogg"

Foggy got off the plane with a bad case of jet lag
Rang the doorbell, a case of Whoosh laxatives in a bag
W. answered the door, "At last your here!" he cried
"Don't worry, I'll handle things" Foggy quickly replied

Foggy and W. sat down and talked for hours
W. asked Foggy what to do about the twin towers
But Foggy had found some cupcakes and wanted to enjoy the snack
To shut W. up Foggy said "Why don't you bomb Iraq?"

"But what about Afghanistan?" W. asked, "ooh yea, them too"
"Should we go after Bin Laden?" Foggy replied, "Ben -who?"
It took till early in the morning before all of the questions were done
By then Foggy sold W. all the laxatives he brought, except for one

That was the beginning of Foggy's stay, he became W.'s most trusted friend
He introduced W. to Tony Blair, said, "Tony is someone I recommend"
W. invited Foggy too his ranch, Foggy declined till W. said "come-on"
They played horseshoes late into the night.. somehow, Foggy always won.

For the next six years when W. needed advice, on Foggy he would call
Foggy even started speaking to people with a Southern drawl
Yet when W.'s term was over, Obama begged Foggy to stay
Foggy said, "Sorry, I'm homesick, I'm going home to the UK!"

So Foggy gave a news conferance, before he got on the plane
He talked about chickens and politicians.. and how both are profane
"But the chickens" he said, "is smarter, at least it knows when it's been had
After six years around this clown I've decided he is bloody mad!"

© 2011
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Dr Fogg


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PostSubject: Re: Foggy & George   March 3rd 2011, 8:44 pm

can I buy that outfit? it appeals to me, pure and untainted.

The crowd that day were cheering for Foggy, womens underpants rained down on me, many people in the crowed shouted "Who's that idiot with you Foggy?"

Daniel you do realise this assault on my previously unblemished character is going to cost you dear!?


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Foggy & George
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