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 New Poetry Prompt "Once Upon A Springtime Night"

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New Poetry Prompt "Once Upon A Springtime Night"  Empty
PostNew Poetry Prompt "Once Upon A Springtime Night"

It's been quite a while, but we've got a new poetry prompt for your attention at last! Sadly, due to that lack of member recommendations, we have no Featured piece of poetry for you this time. Remember, it's up to you to send us those recommendations if we're to continue with Feature Poems!

Please note a change in our Prompt schedule. We will intersperse Brain Box prompts with other Poetry Prompts as our current low level of staffing allows. If you'd like to help out, we're looking for moderators! Just PM Jamie to apply.

Without further adieu, your new Poetry Prompt:

Poetry Prompt #91: Once Upon A Springtime Night
The challenge this time is for you to write a poem that begins with the line "Once upon a springtime night." Your poem should be metered (either 7/8/7/8 or 7/7/7/7), at least four stanzas long (16 lines) and contain end rhyme. Good luck and have fun!

Please reply to 2 poems for each original piece that you post. Taking time to read others' work and leave them comments encourages them to do the same, keeping the forums active & interactive.

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New Poetry Prompt "Once Upon A Springtime Night" :: Comments

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New Poetry Prompt "Once Upon A Springtime Night"

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