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 Boys Will Be Boys

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Dr Fogg


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PostSubject: Boys Will Be Boys   July 19th 2012, 6:10 am

Boys will be boys

"What the bloody hell have you done"?
The boys looked sheepish at their mom.
"Oh for heavens sake I just despair.
What’s wrong with you? Don’t you care"?

The boys were covered in red gloss.
“Get in the kitchen to scrub it off”.
Mother scrubbed hard as she could.
“Any harder and ill draw blood”.

Dad came in from gardening
“What’s all the noise and screaming”?
“I’ve had enough" mom told the man.
“I don’t want them” she began.”

“Now now,” Dad interrupted quick.
“Be calm and patient that’s the trick”
“Boys will be boys, just having fun”
“As long as they have hurt no-one”

Mother stood up, a smile appeared.
“You’re right of course she volunteered.
come out front and you can see,
Just how harmless boys can be”.

Outside dad’s pride and joy was stood.
A white Ferrari with dash of wood.
Only now it was completely red,
Even windows, seats and tyre tread.

Dads still in Bed.

Dr Fogg

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Location : Vermont

PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 9th 2012, 11:17 am

lmao My father would've tanned my hide for weeks! A great humorous story with easy, flawless rhyme. Good stuff, doc!

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Cavalry Scream Chicken
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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 9th 2012, 5:32 pm

LMAO! I was raised with a sister so when I had a son, boys growing up were foreign to me. I remember my husband and his " boys will be boys " comments. This takes the prize and thanks for the laugh! Quite lovely and much enjoyed indeed.

-LMB xoxo
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Sophie Starr


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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 10th 2012, 3:38 pm

I have two brothers, and I can't complain about them because my mom claims I spoiled them. The older one, he's going on 21 and still acts like he's five. The baby one is younger and more sensible but when all the cousins get together about 13 boys to be exact....there is nothing safe anymore. Humorous tale, brilliantly penned, and honestly the best example of "boys will be boys"


The past has passed you by, The future is unseen, Today is all you really have SMILE!!! IT MAKES ME SMILE TOO santa queen Sophie-tempting my way into your heart as the currently reigning queen Wink
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Baseball Poetess


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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 24th 2012, 10:27 pm

ROFL! Sauce for the....
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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 27th 2012, 12:43 pm

Hahaha!!! Funny! Loved this! I am glad I didn't own the car! EXALT!
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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 29th 2012, 1:30 pm

Oh my gosh, my Dad would be fuming! As would my mum actually, although I believe she'd get some kind of twisted pleasure out of it knowing her. Absolutely adored it! EXALT.


The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   August 29th 2012, 3:55 pm

lol......Good write my friend.....Whisk

Whether a Gift or a Curse, We Write!
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PostSubject: Re: Boys Will Be Boys   

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Boys Will Be Boys
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