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 Oh The Memories!!

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PostSubject: Oh The Memories!!   March 27th 2010, 6:58 pm

I miss those days here in chatland,
Where Mr.Jay's chicken is running a muck.
We try to to keep him from running around like a mindless duck.
But, still some how this chicken of Mr. Jay's runs around, looking
for what it can destroy. We don't understand him and his ways of
behind being a chicken. We know there has to be something else
running his chickies ways.

There's the Roster of the Damned. He tells all of the other chickies
to do. He helped Mr. Jay's chicken destroy the classroom. Oh what a joy, I don't understand why these rosters and chickens from chatland must be so evil. There's only so much a chicken and a roster can destroy. We've asked them why the caused the destruction of the classroom. All they did was cluck and c----o-doodle at us.

We tried to tame them, with giving them Irish whiskey, it just seemed to rile
them up more. Here we all thought that it would dull their senses, until we could clean up the messed that they caused. We thought we could outsmart Roster and Mr. Jay's chicken but I guess we were wrong. It's a good thing that Mr. Jay's chicken is being held
hostage now to Mr. Jay's and our friend Meagan. We think that's where Mr. Jay's chicken crossed paths with the evil Roster of the Damned.

They cluck and c----o-doodle at us. What we're we to know what they were saying. None of us spoke chicken nor roster. Next thing we all knew there was a monkey running around with the camera we all thought had been lost, from the Porno Night. What a very odd night that was, in the chatland. From showers with Mr. Jay, to the random nudity of the streets. Chatland that night, was out of control. There's not been a day, now where chatland is not more than rated 'R' it makes it very hard to come up with any new chapters for the story chatland.

Now we have sayings of "breakfast in bed," to God Max only knows what.
Jesus now has a cousin named "Bob something something something."
He's was an angel that was exiled like Satan himself, this demon named "Bob" came from no where and killed chatland.
It put it into such a quiet place after he announced himself, no one even dared to talk.
I don't know if it was due to the sheer sight of him, or what it was,
But the room was dead silent, not even a peep from anyone at all.

The glory holes just pop out of no where now.
One even injured our poor little Sarah, needs to have surgery on her eye.
From running into one of those glory holes that come out of no where.
Hopefully her eye will be just fine, it's all the crazy nerd Jeremy's fault.
Him and his "breakfast in bed," he can't keep those trays to himself.

Now I think back some of these memories old, some now new.
I miss the Jay and Meagan to. They have lives where I don't,
but its funny to think back of all those funny memories.
Now this is where I leave you, wondering and pondering what goes on, in that place she calls chatland. Maybe it's time for you to come find out, and make your own memories in chatland. Just remember to bring your eye patches, and ear plugs to, in case there's something you wish not to see nor hear. We can't control what happens in chatland, all we know its the fun that counts.

[a/n it wasn't Jeremy's fault whatever happened to Sarah's eye, I just know she is having surgery on it, and i made it into somewhat a Joke.

a/n 2 this doesnt have a lot of maturity to it do it didnt really fit with mature its more humorous if you know the inside jokes.]
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PostSubject: Re: Oh The Memories!!   March 27th 2010, 8:02 pm

LMAO Cassi this did bring back some memories and made me smile through out and you even got a few laughs out of me hehe. Those were some crazy days, shame they had to come to an end but all play and now work leaves Jay a penniless poet lol. This really read like a prose Cassi you should try it sometime you might like writing in that style. Loved this brilliant stuff little one xx

Take the red pill, stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
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  • .Describing or prophesying the complete destruction of the world.
  • .Resembling the end of the world; momentous or catastrophic.
Please comment on at least two pieces of original poetry that are not your own before posting a poem. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh The Memories!!   March 28th 2010, 11:53 am

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh gosh i needed this today! We really had some good times! This was like looking back in time for me. So many smiles and laughs we had. At least i can look back on them and know all the friends that i made and the memories we shared live on here in this poem. Very cool Cassi! *hugs*

Those we love never truly leave us
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PostSubject: Re: Oh The Memories!!   

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Oh The Memories!!
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