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 The short reign of Sir Daniel, Emperor of Earth

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PostSubject: The short reign of Sir Daniel, Emperor of Earth   January 2nd 2013, 8:43 am

The Short Reign of Sir Daniel
Emperor of Earth

Well, I finally did it, dear past me, future reader
I got the World to unite and elect me as it's leader
War and murder are now a thing of the past
I have outlawed Polka music, finally at last

At first I was worried, because Mexico and Brazil
Were talking about holding out for a better deal
But after a little bribe, I got them to budge
Who can't resist cookies and homemade fudge?

So today I take office, and in front of me
Is a top secret suitcase, which I hold the key
Inside there are buttons that are sensitive to touch
They control the worlds missiles, nuclear and such

There are red buttons, blue buttons and this one is green
There is a black button in the corner in which I'm quite keen
to push it however, I fear there may be repercussion
(But it might be okay? I mean, I can't read Russian..)

What the heck, why not.. lets see what it does
Hey, the siren is going off and the alarm is abuzz
Here comes security, they say I have to leave
They brought me a jacket with some messed up sleeves

So my advice to you, past me, preach what you feel
Talk about ending war (people love to buy that spiel)
And when your elected Emperor and you sit on your throne
And they bring you the suitcase.. leave the black button alone!!

© 2013
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Dr Fogg

Dr Fogg

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PostSubject: Re: The short reign of Sir Daniel, Emperor of Earth   January 2nd 2013, 10:22 am

Haha quite the meglomaniac eh. If I become world leader my first law will be to ban buttons.


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The short reign of Sir Daniel, Emperor of Earth
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