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 Poet Share Version 2

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PostPoet Share Version 2

We've gone through an Upgrade!!

The staff and I have been testing the new board and I cannot thank them enough for their steadfast support in this change. The New forums are much more user-friendly and stable. They are, quite frankly, safer for your computer. We've taken a long, hard look before implementing this change, and we hope you like it. The new forums have a ton of the things that you, the members, have been asking for--like being able to find all of a member's poems simply by going into their profile; a built-in chat (just click the link on the bottom of the Home page), etc.

As there are bound to be many questions, Harklight, the Bards and I
have tried to anticipate as many as possible and have the following Q/A
that we hope will help explain this transition.

What happens to my poetry that I've posted here at the current Poet Share?
It will remain here on site. We are going to let everyone re-post their threads
on the new site if they wish, but we ask that each of you move no more than 3
per day so that we don't flood the new boards.

How many threads can I re-post per day? 3

For how long will I be able to move/remove my threads?
What happens to my contest poems at Version 1?
They will stay unless you move them to the new site. No more than 3 per day reposted from the old forums please.

What security do I have against plagiarism? None, per usual.

Will anyone monitor Version 1? Yes, occasionally.

What happens to my posting/karma count, does it carry over?
Unfortunately, no. I have tried to find a way to carry your karma counts over, but we'll all have to start anew. We realize karma is important to some people, however there is a plus to the new karma system in that you may give more than one karma per hour. There is an entire thread explaining the new karma system at the new site.

I think you'll find the new system very user friendly. It won't take long before you're enjoying the added benefits of posting on this new platform. With a crisper, more professional look, a more stable platform and a ton of new features at your fingertips, we think it won't be long before you agree that moving to the new Poet Share forums makes a great deal of sense.

New features:

  • Upload flash or video directly with one click
  • Instead of UBBC code, it's BBC and HTML compatible
  • Tons of smilies at your fingertips
  • View posts since your last visit in one click
  • View all unread posts in one click
  • View all of your own posts in one click
  • You may scroll your text up, down, right or left
  • Upload your Avatar directly instead of having to host elsewhere
  • Chatbox
  • You may colorize your thread titles!
  • Built-in blog section that allows us to incorporate into Facebook and other social sites
  • Ability for users to report posts that violate TOS or flame other members, etc.
  • Automatic pop-up when you get new Private Messages
  • Ability to revise replies before posting. For instance, if you're writing a reply at the same time as someone else and they post before you, the new system will automatically let you review their reply first so that you can see if you want to modify YOUR reply before you post it!
  • You may make a new post from almost anywhere now, instead of having to go into a Main Forum to click "New Topic," it's right there at the top of Every Thread!!
  • A portal page/splash page that will hold the latest announcements and prompts, and allows users to share the contents of the portal page only on Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo, etc.
  • A built-in blog that users may share on Facebook!

Click on one of the following threads for a more detailed explanation of their subject:

Posting Options Available (how to post)

How To Exalt/What Is Karma?

How the PM System Works

bounce cheers

Got Questions? Ask Here.
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Poet Share Version 2

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