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 Dear George

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Dr Fogg


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Location : Devon, England.

PostSubject: Dear George   April 29th 2010, 4:50 am

Dear George.

Come George and be my lover
You have my heart, there is no other
Though limited in your vocabulary
You are misunderestimated you see.

A master of embarrassment
The little waves and smiles you sent
The soldier’s lives you threw away
Declaring the war had ended, remember that day?

Your willingness to just go nukular
In your worldwide bid to end the turrr (how’s that going George?)
Shafting that silly Geneva Convention
Wrecking America’s good name I should mention.

For George no one can fool you twice
If they do it once, well, err, it isn’t nice.
Reaching heights that make one dizzy
Slapping the Queens arse and calling her Lizzie.

Oh George what I would love to do
Is share a pretzel or two with you
And if when chewing you start choking
Will I save you? You must be joking.

Dr Fogg.

Copyright ©2010. HW Harborne


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Location : under the oak tree with Kiki

PostSubject: Re: Dear George   April 29th 2010, 5:21 am

Dear Foggy..

Dear Foggy, how is the Queen?
You are her Poet lor..loria..ea.. favorite poet I mean
Her family history has quite a branch
I would love having her at my ranch

Don't you know, nukular is just a word
I don't know from what source you heard
Regardless what Tony Blair said, I'm not such a beast
As to blow up all my friends in the Middle East

Besides, now I'm retired, and it's such fun
All the blame goes on the new one
That guy Obamm.. Oba.. Ob.. whatever his name
He is the fella whom you should blame

BTW, dear Foggy.. do you have a tie I could borrow?
I'm going to go back to school starting tomorrow
I'm going to see about a sixth grade ed-coo-u-macation
Before Laura and I go'en on our next English vacation

I saw the pictures of your hometown, it looks like heaven
Besides I heard Bin Laudin might just be hiding in Devon
Maybe the two of us can go search'en for 'em.. ya got a gun?
If not, don't worry.. I'll git ya one

So till then, my friend, I must bid you farewell
Dick Cheney stopped over for a visit and.. ooh hell
He just shot the mailman.. right in the tush..
catch ya later.. your pal, George W. Bush...
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Posts : 377
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PostSubject: Re: Dear George   April 29th 2010, 5:34 am

Hahah, a perfect example of what the bouncing of ideas of each other can do, I love you guys, there is nothing better than a good laugh to start the day.

Will write, read and comment for food, when in the mood. Smile
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Dr Fogg


Posts : 1277
Karma : 255
Location : Devon, England.

PostSubject: Re: Dear George   April 29th 2010, 5:48 am

If to Devon you are comin
Bring along that Palin woman
We can shoot up the whole damn place
But dont bring Dick hes such a disgrace.

If bin ladens really here
I spect hes hidin under Torquay pier
Well flush him out you, me, n Sarah
using nukes, what could be fairer.

Ok we'll kill the holiday makers
mostly polaks and Indian fakirs
But collateral damage is no big deal
Ending Turrrr comes first i feel.


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Posts : 315
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PostSubject: Re: Dear George   April 30th 2010, 4:51 pm

lol love this how do you do it! keep um coming!
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PostSubject: Re: Dear George   May 3rd 2010, 3:28 pm

LOL... Foggy... what a great satire on Georgie.
Loved it! Not all of us loved the man. I loved
all that you wrote in this. So very true... Brilliantly
done. EXALT!
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Dr Fogg


Posts : 1277
Karma : 255
Location : Devon, England.

PostSubject: Re: Dear George   May 3rd 2010, 4:24 pm

You are all too kind, I have to point out this was for a competition in the other place entitled write a love poem to the celebrity you like the least.


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PostSubject: Re: Dear George   

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Dear George
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