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 Poet Share Terms Of Service And Conduct Guide

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Poet Share Terms Of Service And Conduct Guide Empty
PostSubject: Poet Share Terms Of Service And Conduct Guide   Poet Share Terms Of Service And Conduct Guide EmptyMarch 12th 2010, 12:53 pm

1. Poet Share is intended to nurture the creative spirit, above all, in a fellowship of poetic goodwill. Please maintain respect for each other, for creative differences and differences in opinion. At no time should any member disparage Poet Share members or staff (on-site or by PM), any other poetry site, its members or management.

2. We ask that you not post more than 2 poems per day in any one board. This may be increased in the future as staff increases to accommodate need.

3. Please take the time to read and comment on 2 other poets' work in the same board where you post each of your new writes. Feel free to also read and reply in other boards. The more poems that receive your comments, the more members are likely to leave feedback on your work. This also helps to build our community environment, which Poet Share is sincerely nurturing.

4. We reserve the right to remove graphic pictures, inappropriate comments, and/or entire threads at our discretion. Repeated posting of graphic pictures will result in a warning. (See Warnings explained below). What qualifies as too graphic? If you have to ask, it probably is.

5. Explicit/Mature poems should always go in the Mature board, except for Weekly Prompt entries, which must be suitably tagged "Explicit” or “Mature". If found posted elsewhere, we will move these to the Mature board and notify you by PM. Repeated posting of Mature material in other Poetic Endeavor boards will result in a Warning. Some writes are too explicit or offensive. When unsure, please PM yours to an Admin for approval “before” posting.

6. We don’t abide flaming or spamming our members on the boards or PM’s. Spam includes external links and advertising. You may include a link in your profile or promote published work in our Published Poets thread (see Poets Personal Files). You may include a link, directly supporting a discussion thread. If you’re unsure, please contact an Admin. Spamming may cause immediate banishment. Flaming offenses, denigrating a poet and any that incite reciprocal responses, will result in a Warning.

***3 Warnings causes a two week account suspension. Further warnings may result in banishment from the site.***

7. You retain all rights to your poems upon posting them in the forums. Please post only your original work in the Poetic Endeavors boards. Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in immediate banning of the guilty member. Please acknowledge original writers in parodies and any parts of their work that you use. It’s vital to keep copies of your own poems!! In the case of banishment, we are not obligated, or entitled, to send you copies. This site is hosted on Forumotion for free. Disasters happen and servers occasionally crash. Poet Share Forums is not responsible for lost work!!

8. Derogatory comments or harassment directed at a group or person based on sex, race, age, disability, nationality, gender identity, religious affiliation, creed, or any not mentioned, will be deleted and the member marked with a Warning. Don't do it again. We take EEO very seriously.

9. Advertising of any sort must be pre-approved by Jamie. You may post your own website url in your profile page in the space provided, but that's all. Posting links in signatures or at the end of a post will result in an immediate and permanent BAN of the offending useracct and its concurrent IP addresses.

Failure to conform to Terms of Service may result in suspension of an account or banishment as determined by the Administrative staff. As a free service, we also reserve the right to refuse service or terminate an account at any time without prior notice.
We may revise these Terms Of Service whenever we see fit.

Now have fun and get posting!! All submitted items are Copyright © to their original author. These Forums are not responsible for your lost or stolen work. You are. Keep copies of your work. Anyone found plagiarizing will be immediately and forever banned with extreme prejudice!!

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Poet Share Terms Of Service And Conduct Guide
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