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 "Bad" Plots

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PostSubject: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots EmptySeptember 25th 2012, 10:54 pm

"Bad" Plots

"Open-Mic?" Janet started to say
"I don't understand, he just passed away?"
They were all there, the entire Jackson clan
Even his mother Katherine waited in the sedan

The photographers stood outside where it was gated
They knew they family would come out, so they waited
The cemetery had informed them with the bad news
So many bodies to bury.. so easy to confuse..

They had thought the King of Pop was buried next to the colonnade
However this morning they were enlightened when a discovery was made
It started when the nuns of Saint Andrews were saying adieu
To old Sister Ellen, who passed away quietly at age 92

There was a prayer for Mother Mary to take Sister Ellen home
To where the streets are gold and the doorknobs made of chrome
When suddenly it happened, like a sign from above
The coffin tipped over and out fell this white glove

Sister Ann asked "what's that?" Father Bill said "That is odd"
Yet what happened a moment later brought them all closer to God
The lid flew open, Sister Ruth let out a real humdinger
Instead of Sister Ellen, they were looking at a famous singer

Yet where was Sister Ellen? well.. unknown to anyone
n the other side of the cemetery, another service was almost done
"Boom Boom" Jackson was a leading member of the local biker gang
He loved explosives and motorcycles and how they both went "bang"

But his biggest tragedy happened on his very own front porch
When he tried to light a stick of dynamite with his blow-torch
His biker buddies took what remained (it was not alot)
And they pitched in together and bought him a cemetery plot

They said their goodbyes and each drank a beer
When suddenly a guy in a suit came running up from the rear
"Open the casket" he said, "Inside there is a nun!"
Killer looked at Chainsaw, they both reached for a gun

"Open Michael's grave?" Janet repeated herself
Her mother took another drink from the wine on the shelf
Crowded behind the caretaker, eight nuns and an old priest
Then they heard a gunshot from somewhere north or east

The caretaker stopped talking, his eyes got real big
"We just put my brother in the ground and now you want to dig?"
She felt her anger building, she felt like a woman possessed
Then she remembered what she needed to do if she got stressed

Of course she was stressed, she lost her brother and now THIS
She needed to get out of the limo and find someone to kiss
Because kissing made her feel better and right now she felt ill
She stood up and grabbed someone, it happened to be Father Bill

The nuns started screaming again, suddenly Janet could see
A photographer had climbed the fence and was sitting in a tree
"Just my luck" she yelled.. but no one could hear her
Because just yards away a group of motorcycles was getting near her

Dear reader, you would like to know what happens next, I'm sure
But some stories have no endings, it's part of their allure
So have a heart, it's in my nature to keep my humor well hid
Create an ending for yourself because you can be sure.. I did

© 2012
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PostSubject: Re: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots EmptySeptember 27th 2012, 10:42 am

Truly this is comical and humorous. I love your writing style, I never know
what to expect when I read one of your poems. Wonderful! I can see that
you and Foggy spend a lot of time together! LOL! EXALT! tc
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Dr Fogg

Dr Fogg

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PostSubject: Re: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots EmptySeptember 30th 2012, 6:00 am

No one but no one can tell such a complicated story, make it rhyme AND make it funny like you do Daniel.


"Bad" Plots MakeMeLaugh"Bad" Plots Love-1

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Baseball Poetess

Baseball Poetess

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PostSubject: Re: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots EmptyNovember 16th 2012, 1:22 pm

Some stones are better left unturned.
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PostSubject: Re: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots EmptyApril 20th 2013, 4:09 pm

This could never have worked so well without the brilliant rhyming and rhythm.

As they say, it's not the story, but the way you tell it !! Exalt

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PostSubject: Re: "Bad" Plots   "Bad" Plots Empty

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"Bad" Plots
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