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 RIP Apocalypticjay

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PostRIP Apocalypticjay

It is with a profound sense of loss that I have to share the news that our beloved Apocalypticjay, Jamie Mason, has passed away suddenly. I do not yet have any details but will share them as they become available.
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RIP Apocalypticjay :: Comments

Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 14th 2013, 1:44 pm by Chels
That would be wonderful. It will he nice to know someone is there.
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 14th 2013, 1:56 pm by Carousal
I would love to send you a check for the flowers Kerry if you can send me an address and who to make it payable to in a pm that would be great.

Love Cari.
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 14th 2013, 2:22 pm by cassi
Kerry if i had money i would so send some for flowers... or something but i don't Sad but thats a good idea.. i still cant believe he's gone...
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 14th 2013, 2:29 pm by Isobelle
If I o to the funeral I will put from Poet Share - if you would like your name individually on them, please email me at kezzarific@hotmail.co.uk. If I dont go to the funeral, if it is family only I will ask if I can send a bouquet xxx and do the same x
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 14th 2013, 4:03 pm by Harklight
That's a great idea, Kerry. I'm sure his Mum knew something about Poet Share: all of the friends Jay made through poetry and that many of us here loved him. If only oceans were pools, I'd join you there. It's hard not saying goodbye. If you can go or not, I hope this supports Jamie's Mum and gives you comfort. Hugs, H x
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 15th 2013, 8:25 am by witheredrose
I...I honestly don't know what to say...It's been far too long since I've been here but Jay...or any of you I could never forget. It hurts...physically hurts to have heard the news just this morning but it is of my own fault that I did not hear sooner. So much that I wish I could've said...that I should've said...It's just terrible. I fail to find the words to express how heavy my heart is and will remain. He was a big part of my life when I had no one else...he will be missed...greatly.

Sarah (Withered Rose)

I'll miss you Jay... Sad
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 16th 2013, 8:23 am by Mick
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find the words. I still don't think they're enough...

I remember my first experience of meeting him and being awestruck by his commitment to the site. Not only was he a talented writer, he gave so much time and energy to other people, and did so freely. Even though I was a novice as a writer he encouraged me, like he did with everyone, but more so than that he saw potential in me to make a difference to other people. That was the part of me he encouraged most, to be a presence and make a difference to other people.

We didn't always have a perfect friendship. There were angry words and fall-outs. I remember one time where he told me that if we'd lived closer together we would have simply went out for a pint somewhere and sorted it out in no time at all. I think we would have too.

I hope that I can live my life in a way where I can make such a strong connection with people from every walk of life, every part of the world, and touch even a fraction of the lives he has touched. If I do then hopefully that will be enough to make sure I get to see him in heaven for that pint.

He was too modest to realise how much he meant to so many people, but I hope he's looking down and smiling on us all.

I love you mate,
Mick (everhopeful)
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 18th 2013, 4:41 am by zarathustra

You have been a wonderful muse over the years. I admit that we have had our differences, and I' regret the way things ended between us, but I have missed you and your words. I will forever. You were an amazing person, with a fiery deep spirit. I often both envied that spirit and recognized it in myself, which often made us both friends and quick to argue. You will be deeply missed by many. I will be always thankful for your words.

Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 18th 2013, 7:41 pm by Coapachy
I still can't handle it if the truth must be told. Bloody stupid, we never met, never shared a man-hug, never wrote together.....but without you, I would have never continued writing. Your poems, your comments, your love of music, your most certain views on bloody everything, I so respected you.

I am not religious, never will be, but I do believe that the human spirit lives on, and yours my friend, was huge. I wish I had made more of an effort to get to know you, like you wanted and I rejected your efforts, and I am so sorry.

I have read all the wishes above, Page 1 and page 2, and I am sure it will carry on and on to page 100, and all show a man of individual, never afraid to speak his mind, and be forceful in his beliefs and credo. Don't you ever change AJ, you be good, and don't let those heavenly bastards get you down!!

You were and are an inspiration.
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 19th 2013, 9:03 pm by parttimepoet
RIP Jay x Like a Star @ heaven

I can't find words
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 21st 2013, 4:25 am by Guest
Rest peacefully AJ - you were such an inspiration and your encouragement brightened my day and motivated me in writing on many occasions. I hate that as I've spent time away from poetry in recent years, I also missed out on knowing you better. You were a true friend, to so many, and your light will live on here in all those you inspired and touched with your life.

Thank you, AJ, for your kindness and for sharing your soul with us through your poetry.
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
Post on May 21st 2013, 7:50 pm by Beloved
I just can't believe he touched so many people he was a very caring & loving son thank you all again for all your kind words . Will log in soon xxx lyn
Re: RIP Apocalypticjay
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RIP Apocalypticjay

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