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 Where We Go From Here

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PostWhere We Go From Here

Good morning everyone. Forgive me if any of the following doesn't make sense or seems inappropriate, I'm doing the best I can at the moment.

Just as I know each of us is taking the death of Jamie Mason (ApocalypticJay) in our own way and dealing on our own terms, I also know it would tickle him pink to see the outpouring of love for him, and support for each other, that you've all shown in the last few days. You honor his memory by your actions and your words.

You may have noticed that AJ's avatar is now embedded in our header pic in the upper right-hand corner. That image will be there from now on, as a permanent memorial to him, and to remind us all that he's still watching over us and our words.

Since the last big project AJ worked on here at Poet Share was the Tribute board for National Poetry Month, I've decided to keep that board around in his honor and to rename it AJ's Poet Tributes. It will now be a permanent sub-board underneath the Special Contests board, and you will be able to post to Jamie's Poetic Tribute threads indefinitely if you wish . . . . Once I'm able to cope a little better, and if you all think it's appropriate, I would also like to post one more thread to that board: a Tribute thread to Jamie Mason himself. I'd appreciate you replying to this thread to let me know if you think it's appropriate or not.

Regarding the rest of NPM activities: we do have a winner in the Poetic Trivia contest and will be posting a couple of voting threads for other NPM activities sometime this month, however I have made the executive decision to not post voting threads for the cross-board competition due to the lack of participation. Instead I will be awarding Fun Points to all those who submitted entries.

More later. Thank you all for understanding.

Please reply to 2 poems for each original piece that you post. Taking time to read others' work and leave them comments encourages them to do the same, keeping the forums active & interactive.

Cavalry Scream Chicken

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Where We Go From Here :: Comments

Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 10:19 am by Jahaliel
Ah Jamie,*hugs*. I love having Jay's avi in the banner, I think it's a beautiful reminder.

And I think that it is a wonderful idea to honout him that way, with the board and a tribute thread to Jamie Mason is something I would love to participate in, as his poetry and his love for me and others remains one of my greatest inspirations.

love you x
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 10:19 am by Daniel
thank you for putting AJ's avatar up there, it is a great way to honor him and remember him. I'm sure most of us are in the first couple stages of grief.. #1, the denial and isolation stage, was a tough one to get past because it just doesn't seem possible someone with so much life can just be gone.. #2- Anger stage, is something I think I've skipped over because I have no one to blame.. #3-, Bargaining stage, I feel like is the stage I'm in right now.. If I can just give enough of a tribute to him, write him that poem I know he would have liked, say something to God that would bring him back.. none of that will change the past but this is the stage I seem to feel safest at.. #4- Depression.. just doesn't feel like something Jay would like me to feel.. I do feel so bad for his family and I know their discovery of just how much Jay' meant to so many poets is helping them but I fear only time will bring us to the last stage.. Acceptance..

I lost my sister in January of 2012 and it took me a year to make it to her gravesite.. I still often feel that all I have to do is pick up the phone and there she will be but I'm at peace with myself even although I doubt if acceptance will ever fully happen as it will mean that even in my imagination, I can not bring her back.. We writers have pretty strong imaginations so perhaps acceptance is not as necessary as it is for others..

also.. I'm sorry if my comment doesn't make much sense either.. I need more sleep..

Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 10:27 am by Jamie
I think I hit the denial, anger, and grief stages simultaneously. Norm thought I was going crazy until I managed to tell him what was going on.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 11:02 am by Carousal
Stunned by the overwhelming response to Jay’s sad demise, both here and on TPS, he was quite a guy. If you have contact with his family it would maybe be nice to send them a few copies of the posts that so many have taken the trouble to express their love for Jay.
Of course if his family have access to both sites they will have probably read them.

It’s only right that Jay should be remembered in the way you have suggested plus his poetry should always remain on the site too. Loved your poem dedicated to his memory and the others that members have written too.

It’s all so bloody sad and will take time for all of us to recover from.

Regards Cari
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 12:03 pm by Chels
Jamie- your ideas are beautiful and I know Jay would think we are all so silly for making a fuss over him.

I hit denial first, I honestly thought it was a sick joke, when I think the anger has stopped I remember how he left us here without him and left his family and get angry all over again. He was my friend who I talked to every day, now I'm wandering, lost. I don't think my husband is sure of what to do. I'm not a good bargainer so that's out. Part of my mind justifies my grief, the other part wants to know how someone I've never met could touch my heart so profoundly.

I know Jay's mom has seen the posts and tributes on his facebook page. If no one has, I will let her know about the threads dedicated to him here.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 2:11 pm by Jamie
All: I've sent Chels an account and password for Linda (Jamie's Mom) to use should she so desire. If you see a new name that doesn't post anything, please do not flood that new member with PM's out of respect. Thank you.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 2:20 pm by Carousal
Of course.

Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 14th 2013, 8:49 pm by Chels
She messaged me back thanking us and that she would visit and keep in touch with everyone here.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 6:14 am by Beloved
dear poet friends this is Jamie,s mom thank you very much chels for your invite to read the touching tributes that his poet friends have written on this forum. I really did have no idea just how much he was loved from all around the world it is very overwhelming to me. we appreciate you letting us in to this part of jamies life & would like to visit this site often. it will keep his spirit alive for us & is a great comfort to know his memory will live on in the love he had for poetry.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 7:33 am by PCShogun
Sarah called me this morning, in tears over the loss of our friend. I had to sign on - although its been awhile - to say how saddened we both are that he is gone. This sudden loss is so hard to understand and accept.

I shed a tear,
For one so dear,
and follow it with more.
Till salted rain,
Does show my pain,
For the loss we cannot restore.

love to everyone - PCShogun (Jeff)
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 9:32 am by witheredrose
As my dad said ^ I did call him this morning and am honestly still not doing well with the news. I'm not even sure where I am in the grieving process but I do know this: he was a huge part of my life and will never be forgotten. He was one of my best friends and I talked about him all the time. My mom felt like she knew him as much as I raved about his poetry...always called me Sarah Sidle...for the CSI show...there are so many thoughts in my head...and sadness in my heart. I just don't understand...and it's not fair...it's just not fair. I miss him so much...and it's my own fault for losing touch...and now I can't even ask him to forgive me. Not even sure half of my friends on here will remember me but it's alright...I remember all of you...always will.

~Sarah (Withered Rose)
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 2:36 pm by ebonfire
Sarah we have not forgotten you.

Jamie, I love that you've pinned his Avatar to the board, I always thought it was unique and special and it's the one he was using when I first met him. Nothing
much to say except the outpouring of love swells my heart considering so many of us never meet personally, yet we connect in a way that's really uncanny and it
just goes to show the amazing power of love.

Much love, V
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 3:04 pm by Chels
Hi Lyn, I'm so glad you stopped in. Welcome to Poet Share x. I hope you're able to read Jamie's work in his poet file.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 15th 2013, 4:15 pm by Jamie
Lyn, I'm glad you've come by as well. please let me know if there's anything we can do for you, anything at all. Jamie is everywhere in the site and meant so much to all of us. He went by the pen name Apocalypticjay here and his Poet File is stickies at the top of the poets personal files board. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Re: Where We Go From Here
Post on May 21st 2013, 6:59 pm by Beloved
Thank you to everyone who is posting on hear it is so comforting to check in & see how you all cared so much you are all so very kind there is going to be music played at Jamie's funeral because he did.love his music if anyone would like a copy I would love to send you a copy just let chels know & I will send as many as you want thank you again Lyn
Re: Where We Go From Here
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Where We Go From Here

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