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 Changes that aren't really changes

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Changes that aren't really changes Empty
PostChanges that aren't really changes

Good morning everyone. I've re-added some features to the forum that you can disable at your leisure; some members have notified me of a preference for certain items, so where possible I've added them back in as long as they can be disabled by individual members on a one-time basis.

1)The sidebar items on the right have been re-added to the main forums, but if you prefer to have the forums display the full width of the screen then you can still do that with one click by clicking on this image at the top of the "Featured Poem" box:
Changes that aren't really changes Cog_ad10

Note that this "slider" function will remember your preference, so if you don't want these items to display on the right you just click it once and they're gone until you decide to display them again. In order to re-display the sidebar items, just click the same icon and the boxes on the right will re-appear on the page.

2) The notification bar at the top of the screen also has an "Up Arrow" which will make the entire notification bar go away . . . so if that's an issue you may disable that tool as well with a single click.

3) I am also tinkering with a slidable, clickable header that we tried before. I don't know if we will keep it but would like to see what I can do with it so please bear with me. If you all hate it we can disable it but it has definite possibilities so it's worth a shot. Smile

Please reply to 2 poems for each original piece that you post. Taking time to read others' work and leave them comments encourages them to do the same, keeping the forums active & interactive.

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Changes that aren't really changes :: Comments

Re: Changes that aren't really changes
Post on May 21st 2013, 11:00 am by Jamie
Well you can forget about that Header slider. Good concept, lousy execution. Smile

Changes that aren't really changes

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