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 CD & Order of service from AJ's family

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CD & Order of service from AJ's family Empty
PostCD & Order of service from AJ's family

Hello Sad

Today was hard. We sat having a coffee and the cars went past with a huge JAY alongside his coffin and lots of flowers which were beautiful. The weather was fair, only rained once we were all inside.

As you can imagine there were so many people there, full house, that was our Jay - popular of course Smile. It was hard, knowing he was so close yet not being able to touch him to say goodbye, but I said goodbye from all of us, individually silently. Silver Stars poem was read out <3 beautiful, I heard a lot of deep sobs. Three songs were played.

Phi, Jay's cousin made lots of CD's with the four songs that were played during the service and Linda has said if anyone would like a CD to PM her on facebook or ask me if you like and I will pass the message on. There was also a beautiful order of service with a pic of Jay on the front and back. The flowers were all just beautiful and so many, Jay's family said thank you for ours and they really liked them. It was nice raising a glass of JD to him at the wake, and to hear stories about Jay at his service and afterwards.

Linda, Wes, Phil and Matt are just overwhelmed with the love this site has shown Jay. The love from this site has 'kept them going' and the music, the poems, the tributes. Thank you so so much. I hugged Linda from you all and said that you were all there with her in spirit. I hope that you are ok, under the circumstances. It was very emotional, I doubt there was a dry eye in there, the music was moving and the three songs were - Limp bizkit Behind Blue eyes, Empty by Ray lamontagne Sad that was hard Sad - and gone gone gone by Phillip Phillips which was Jay and Linda's song. Angela Surf City by the Walkmen was playing as we all left the chapel.

I know that members of Jay's family come here and read his poetry. I was thinking we could have a 'Jay Corner' ? A thread where we could each choose a poem and keep it going weekly. I mean, I know we can read his beautiful words whenever we like, but to keep a thread going like a candle?

You were all talked about and it was nice to raise a glass to Jay with his family and friends and please know every single poem, tribute, drawing and word is appreciated so much by Jay's family xxx hugs, much love Kerry xxxxx please pm Linda or me if you would like a CD or Order of Service xxxxxx The CD has a lovely pic of Jay on it Smile xxxx Our handsome boy xxx

The feather landed gently at his feet. The boy looked back up at the sky and let his balloon go. It was a fair trade. ~ quote by Dominic my wonderful son

Please remember to reply to 2 poems for each of your own.Thank you so much Drama

"...and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same ...." ~ Marianne Williamson

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CD & Order of service from AJ's family :: Comments

Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 10:15 am by Daniel
thank you Kerry for taking us, in spirit, with you.. I know a funeral honors a person's life and dreams.. but it just seems so sad that we tend to wait till they are no longer with us to honor them.. I should make a habit of telling everyone how much they mean to me more often because tomorrows are limited for all of us..

Jay was a very special and inspirational friend to PoetShare and many others.. His family will always be welcome here.

I was thinking.. just a thought.. that we should honor Jay by naming an annual award after him.. It should be our top award and only awarded once a year and winning it should involve participation here at PoetShare the entire year long, not just be based off of one poem.. but Jay was a constant here and we need to reward people who stay with us and keep PoetShare going like Jay did..

Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 10:27 am by Jamie
Daniel's right, we need to stop waiting until it's too late to show those we love how much they mean to us.

Kerry, thank you again for representing us and sending our love to Linda, Wes, et al. I'm so appreciative that they welcomed us into their lives at such a tragic time. While I like the idea of keeping a candle going to Jay, I don't want to restrict it to any one place. Jay is everywhere here and it will always be that way. We can certainly feature his poetry on the site in different ways, and I'm going to construct the tribute thread for people to write in his style. I also like Daniel's idea of a once a year award, and I think it would be appropriate to name it AJ's Star, if everyone's alright with that?
Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 11:03 am by Isobelle
Yes I totally agree that Jay will be with us everywhere and that it shouldn't be kept to one place Smile I love the award idea too Daniel xxx There are more donations arriving, so I am going to do what I said (about the book) It would be nice to receive poems from different people, to put in the book, but I will say more later - after June. Co-writes too? xxx Kerry x

btw please don' thank me, for going today I mean and representing us all. It goes without saying, and I felt you all there with me xxxx <3 xx
Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 3:57 pm by witheredrose
I've retyped this message 3 times now and I still can't get it right. I may end up sending a PM to someone...just because...I don't know...

I love all of the idea presented and I just felt like I needed to put something here...I know it sounds stupid...I just don't know what to do Sad
It sounded beautiful...

I'm sorry guys...
Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 4:23 pm by Isobelle
Take your time Sarah. There is no rush, sending love xxx
Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 23rd 2013, 6:57 pm by nortan223
Thank you Kerry for all that you have done to keep the memory of AJ in our minds. Although my contact with him was very brief, I now know that I gained much from his encouragement and penetrating observations.

He also had a valuable friend in you.

Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 24th 2013, 7:24 am by Isobelle
Thank you. I have valuable friends in all here, and in Jay. I believe he will always be with me, I have his words, our conversations, our poetry together and memories of his hugs and a night out. I will still speak to him xxx much love x
Re: CD & Order of service from AJ's family
Post on May 24th 2013, 9:34 am by ebonfire
Thanks for all you did Kerry to ensure we were a part of the service. It goes without saying that he will be forever in our hearts but you helped many others to have some closure. Love is the only thing that never dies and so we know, Jay lives on in love. Much love, VP

CD & Order of service from AJ's family

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