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 Forumotion Update

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PostForumotion Update

Happy Friday everyone!

We're not going to have a new prompt this week, as I'm still waiting for word from forumotion on what the heck is going on with this new editor system.

I've had to remove the Rhymezone function (strike 1) since it was no longer working properly since Forumotion pushed through this update.  Other issues that are known to have arisen from the editor update are NO PM Functionality using Internet Explorer (which is what I use so that's a BIG strike #2!) and problems using mobile devices (strike 3). 

SO . . . while we wait around for Forumotion to work out their issues, it's almost impossible for me to even try to update the prompt if I wanted to. 

Please bear with us while we await the fix (won't be until Monday at the earliest) and let us know if you're experiencing any issued since the new Editor was installed by the forum host.

We appreciate your understanding at this time.  Thank you,


Please reply to 2 poems for each original piece that you post. Taking time to read others' work and leave them comments encourages them to do the same, keeping the forums active & interactive.

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Forumotion Update :: Comments

Re: Forumotion Update
Post on June 14th 2013, 4:27 pm by Crimson.Dawn
Hmmm, so that's why.
I've been lurking here in the forums for the updates of the prompt, and I was wondering why you weren't able to update.
Re: Forumotion Update
Post on June 14th 2013, 8:38 pm by Jamie
I intend to try and update this weekend if I can work around the issues without losing anything.  Complicated.
Re: Forumotion Update
Post  by Sponsored content

Forumotion Update

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