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Had We But Worlds Enough, And Time . . .
November 5th 2013, 11:57 am by Jamie
I never wanted to write this post.  Life, however, brings to us changes of necessity, not changes we want.

Unfortunately, and as evidenced by the past few months' activities, I do not have the time to properly govern the use of this site anymore.  While there are visitors every day, the posts by members are becoming fewer and farther between, and the staff participation is just as sparse.  

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New Poetry Prompt!
July 25th 2013, 2:21 pm by Jamie
Hi friends!

It's been a busy summer for us here at Poet Share, as the sunshine has called us away more than usual. We've posted a new poetry prompt today for you summery, adventurous types.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns via PM if we're not on site. We hope to be back online fully staffed by mid-September!

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PS Birthday Couplet poem
Poet Share Birthday Couplet Poem
Our Birthday thread is fun for one and all
As couplets birth in rhyme to karma's call.

Help us celebrate by writing a poem:
Explain in verse why Poet Share is home.

We paint the world in shades and hues
From sonnets to our deft haikus.

We craft our poems into the night,
Then post them here for your delight.

Youth and wisdom mixed with differing quills,
from despair to love, touch your hearts we will.

Friendly comments uplift with their review
Each time that Poet Share opens anew.

Classical and mythical, and even brain teasers
stand right along side of great stories about Caesar.

Joyous to tragic, female or male,
Hearts we will touch with our writes without fail.

Had Shakespeare had Poet Share, what would he write?
”Romeo and Isobelle” or “Jamie’s twelfth night”?

They're queuing for the loo, there’s no one here:
"Hey Foggy, what have you put in the bloody beer”?

A humorous bent runs throughout the site:
Camaraderie bounds from morning to night.

Come the dawn, we're all still awake, writing
creatively, with thought and dreams igniting.

And when our muses deign to take their leave,
We read our friends and "plus" when they achieve.

In short, not even the "Fellowship of the rings"
Can compare to the fellowship, Poet Share Brings.

We must not forget the Depths with poetry that scares,
as well as lovely friendships that us poets love to share.

Caring friendships cross seas and social strata,
Strengthened by poems, which last ever after.

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