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 The Tale Of The Dread Call

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PostSubject: The Tale Of The Dread Call   July 16th 2010, 2:30 pm

**The following story poem is really true. This really did happen. Have fun reading it!!

The Tale Of The Dreaded Call.

I use to be in Animal Control
And in my truck I would patrol.
Protecting children from stray dogs
While keeping records in my logs.

So if a dog was on my beat
He'd better not roam upon my streets!
If he did a ticket the owner would get
And many a owner yelled, their jaws tightly set!

Female dogs in heat was not so neat
I told their owners, "Get them off the street!"
I picked up turtles, pigeons and sea gulls too
Why the Humane Society was like a zoo!!

New Game Wardens I trained with care
I was proud of my job for I did well there!
I taught them the correct way to handle the dogs
How to keep records and keep up with their logs.

Yes I was the best that I could be
But I had a shadow hanging over me!
Then one day I got that dreaded call!
The one that caused me to almost fall!

See the 10 - 15 his name is Larry Jakes
He has a problem with two large snakes!!
The address is 1012 Dawson
Unknown what kind of snakes - Proceed with caution!

My heart was pounding and my hands were wet!
I'd prayed this call I'd never get!
Yet here I was now in front of their house -
Trembling and shaking like a little scared mouse!

I whispered to myself, "Girl get a grip now!"
I wanted to help, but didn't know how!
I walked to the back yard and it's then that I see
Two large evil snakes up in a tree!

So I called for Pat in AC3
To bring the 9' control stick out to me.
It wasn't long before she was there
And both of us looked at the snakes hanging there!

I looked at Pat, and she at me
Each wondering how to get them out of the tree.
Then Pat said ,"Go get 'em Sherry!" and I said ,"Oh no, not me!
I'm still your boss you get 'em outta that tree!"

The home owners were now laughing pretty well hard
As Pat and I had a stand off right in their yard.
Still trying to figure how we should proceed
All at once I knew how to handle the deed!

So I called for police back up to come assist me
Someone tall could reach them up in the tree!
And here he was - looking like a brave Knight to me
And he snatched the first snake right out of that tree!

Into a bag that first snake did go
They'd both be relocated in a few minets or so.
The snake in the bag moved all over the yard
While the one left in the tree was striking real hard!

I watched that bag inch closer to me
And also the one that was still in the hole in the tree.
Pat and I were backing away very fast
It was then I was bitten and I spun around fast

I let out a scream as loud as could be!
Just as my hero got the one from the tree!
He was laughing so hard he went down on one knee
And Pat was rolling all over the yard pointing at me!

And so were the owners laughing as hard as could be
At this horrible misfortune that had fallen on me!
It appeared it hadn't been a snake bit at all
Just a big ole Yucca plant growing next to the wall!

Now laugh if you must, but this tale is true!
Bet you wouldn't be laughing
Had it happen to you!

Sherry Falling Leaf Jones

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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   July 16th 2010, 3:25 pm

Green Lantern Kill the snakes!! This is funny...
Loved it! Roll Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   July 16th 2010, 3:43 pm

Thanks Cinda honey!! LOL! I wish you could have been there!! I just knew that old snake had gotten out of that bag and bit me on my arse!!
Roll Laughing The cop was crying cause he was laughing at me so hard!! It was pretty funny after I saw it wasn't a snake but an ole Yucca plant!!!

Glad you liked it!

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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   July 16th 2010, 5:53 pm

I remember growing up being told "the snake is just as afraid of you as you are of it.." bullcra- , I have been known to walk the long way home if there is a snake in the road.. I honestly don't care much for them.. which surprises me to meet people who love them, I guess it's just something we are born with or not.. I have never liked snakes and even as I've grown older my fear of them is still strong..

enjoyed the tale.. at the time I'm sure it wasn't something you would laugh at, but you must say.. things could have turned out much worse than they did..

take care,

~ Daniel
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   July 16th 2010, 6:31 pm

Slither slither my greatest fear to my
eye this brings a tear. LOL
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   September 1st 2010, 1:11 pm

And I was supposed to get them! Shocked Are they crazy??? pale LOL
Sorry HMV, I didn't get a notice about you commenting dear. I just happened on it today! I'm so happy you liked it tho! Wish you could have been there too!
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PostSubject: Re: The Tale Of The Dread Call   

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The Tale Of The Dread Call
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