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 The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...

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PostSubject: The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...   November 30th 2010, 11:01 pm


Every Thanksgiving, showing no conceitment
Dr. Suey locks the doors right after shock treatment
With a smile he sends the rest of the staff home
And we all eat a big meal right under the hospital dome

But this year someone is missing.. who could it be?
Let us see, the 44th President is sitting right next to me
He is really not the President, but calling him that puts him at ease
He even thinks he looks like him, although the real President is not Chinese

Next to him is PacMan, a pudgy kid from somewhere down south
He walks around chasing ghosts and putting things in his mouth
We have to keep him away from Casper, whom he has been known to bite
One time they got locked in together.. boy, that was a long night.

Across from me, the guy with underwear on his head
Is my old roommate, *whispering* "I call him Freaky Fred"
I moved out of his room when Fred crossed over the line
I came home one night to see the underwear on his head was mine

So Dr. Suey assigned me a new roommate, the Doctor I felt like kissing..
WAIT.. my new roommate Bruce, he is the one that is missing
He is not near the Olsen twins... not those Olsen twins.. think much more scary
Both these guys think they are Merlin Olsen from Little House on the Prairie

Bruce is not anywhere by Elvis or near Superman
I don't see him by King Henry VIII, or Princess Anne
I looked under the table, no Bruce under there
But it looks like Tiny Tim once more fell out of his chair

Where could Bruce be? He's always been a little quirky
Crawling around on his knees, Bruce thinks he is a turkey
He always gets weird around Thanksgiving, he says there are no humanitarians
Dr. Suey usually sits him at the table near the vegetarians

But Paul McCartney went home and Elton John is on tour
And the guy who thinks he is the Easter Bunny is acting.. immature
Yet it's time for dinner to begin, Bruce is missing.. ooh well
We all sit at the dinner table as Dr. Suey rings the bell

"A toast to you all" Dr. Suey says, You have all come a long way
Enjoy Thanksgiving, now bow your heads as we listen to Pope John Paul pray"

The prayer was short, then the Pope served up seven loafs and some fish
Then someone opened the entree, there was Bruce served on a dish

I had to turn the entree down.. after all, I'm just a guest
Anyone can see that from the way that I'm dressed
I carry a notebook which I use to keep track of everyones receipts
"No thanks", I said, "everyone knows...
the nut-tracker only likes sweets

© 2010
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PostSubject: Re: The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...   December 2nd 2010, 8:41 am

What a great write about the looney bin,
with all these people out in space, and the
wonderful character descriptions of them.
What posessed you to write this? I think it truly
is a spoof on Dr. Suess and a funny write.
Great Job Sir Daniel... EXALT on funny!
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PostSubject: Re: The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...   March 12th 2011, 6:23 pm

Great imagination, Daniel. The wide range of characters brings extraordinary images to mind!! It's funny that this asylum doesn't have anyone who thinks they're Joe Bloggs, just an unknown guy. H x

We ask all members to reply to at least 2 other writes for each of yours that you post. Remember to enter Brain Box Contests and vote in Polls to help decide the winners. Find a great poem? Please PM staff to nominate it as Weekly Featured Poem.
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PostSubject: Re: The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...   March 12th 2011, 6:44 pm

Quote :
He is not near the Olsen twins... not those Olsen twins.. think much more scary
Both these guys think they are Merlin Olsen from Little House on the Prairie

Had me in STITCHES! Loved it, Daniel *exalt*

Please reply to 2 poems for each original piece that you post. Taking time to read others' work and leave them comments encourages them to do the same, keeping the forums active & interactive.

Cavalry Scream Chicken
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PostSubject: Re: The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...   

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The Nuttracker Only Likes Sweets...
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