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WFP Winner & Your new Weekly Prompt for this week:

Cultural Observations
Week 18: Ends 7/21/10

A mans feet should be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world
~George Santayana

I think we all have that patriotic flare for our country, but we generally enjoy the culture of other countries too. Write about a Holiday/Vacation you especially enjoyed, make the poem illuminate with imagery of the country you visited and the culture you enjoyed.

Remember have fun and be creative!
by ApocalypticJay - Comments: 0 - Views: 298

Thank you to all who entered our BiAnnual Competition. Voting threads will appear within a few days in a special Voting Board--please be sure to vote in as many threads as possible!! You need not have entered into the competition to vote!!

Your new Weekly Prompt for this week:

Mirror, Mirror
Week 17: Ends 7/14/10

You are suddenly in possession of the famous Magic Mirror that knows all, sees all--and it has no intention of cooperating. Write a poem in which you convince the Magic Mirror to do...
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 390

Competition Ends Tonight!
As of this moment there are less than 6 hours left to enter your poetry in the Bi-Annual Competition!! Post your entry while you still can!!
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 376

Check out Fun Points trading. Bi-Annual Contest nominations end 6/30.

Your New Weekly Prompt:
Headline News!
Week 16: Ends 7/07/10

You're the leader but receive a written prompt to resign!
Write a poem about challenge to your leadership: President, CEO etc.
It's headline news! In a public forum, you need be polite showing your emotions or risk losing. Do you fight? What if you battle and don't win?
For a twist, write your poem as the "challenger".
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 330

Check Out The New Trading Shop Board!
Introducing the Fun Points Trading Post in the Social Boards! You can trade in some of your Fun Points for Badges or other incentives! Check it out!

Your new Weekly Prompt:

Week 15: Ends 6/30/10
The Other Side of Words

When we write, we make unconscious choices about the meaning of words. We tend to use the most familiar interpretation of a word without ever thinking about it. This week's prompt is meant to help you find the other side of words. With that in mind, write a poem that:

Uses five of the following words:...
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 381

Our Bi-Annual Competitions have begun, with three New contest boards this time!! That's nineteen chances for you to win a badge for your profile!! It's a great time to Join Poet Share if you've only been watching as a guest so far!!

Weekly Prompt #14: Joy
Being happy is good for us.
This week, write about something that gives “you” happiness.
Your write should leave readers with a smile or feeling uplifted.
It needn’t be a Humor poem: just share some joy.

Imagine, recall, write...
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 313

Big Week and Month for Poet Share Members!
This week is a big week for Poet Share! Our Bi-Annual Competition has just started, with three New contest boards this time!! That's nineteen chances for you to win a badge for your profile!! It's a great time to Join if you've only been watching as a guest so far!! There are also new Brain Box words this week, as well as our usual Weekly Prompt!

Weekly Prompt #13: Paranoia
As the saying goes, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." And this week, they are. Write...
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 353

Bi-Annual Awards are NOW OPEN!!

Poet Share’s Bi-Annual Awards are now open for you to nominate your best work in each of the 16 poetry categories. Simply post yours as a reply to the Contest thread for each board before June 30, 2010.
We encourage you to nominate your poems in every category and to write new poetry for different boards, especially for the Contest. Post your best work in each for a chance to win the Bi-Annual Award and Badge!

The fun doesn't stop there! In addition, we’ve...
by Harklight - Comments: 1 - Views: 329

Week 12
Week 12: Ends 6/9/10

Write two brief face-to-face poems from different perspectives on the same topic, related but varied to each other: for eg, Husband and Wife (or partners), Cat and Mouse, Cop and Robber.
Preferably, avoid fights and domestic wars.

Post your response in the Weekly Prompt board of the forums!!

"This Is Goodnight Firefly" by lokismischief is our Weekly Featured Poem
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 362

Skin Deep
Week 11: Ends 6/2/10

Beauty, it is often said, is only skin deep. What resides under your skin? What makes you who you are? What is your essence, your reason, your passion? Turn yourself into a poem, and show us the you beneath your skin.

Post your response in the Weekly Prompt board of the forums!!

Our new Weekly Featured Poem is:

Entreaty by TM Tamish

by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 405

Eszperente - Eh?
New Weekly Featured Poem And Prompt 5/13/10
Eszperente - Eh?
Have fun writing an Eszperente poem. It’s is a playful "language", where the only vowel used is "e". A lipogrammatic form, all others vowels are excluded. No made-up words are allowed. *Tip: mostly for children so your imagination can run wild.

“Yesterday’s Sandals” by Jamie is our Featured Poem this week.
by Harklight - Comments: 3 - Views: 439

#7 Ends July 14.
YOUR CURRENT BRAIN BOX Words, ends July 14:

Oxygen/ Hurry/ Jester/ Reasoning/ Flatter/ Arrow/ Number/ Whacks/ Toucan/ Bark/ Stock/ Marginal/ Kibble/ Lily/ Claps/ Upsetting/

Can you write a poem incorporating at least five of these words?
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 343


Unexpectedly, you’re not permitted or able to do the thing that you love the most: a favorite hobby, camping or writing for eg? What you would do instead? Consider the cause of this inability/disability and how you would deal with, or overcome it. Use your imagination and have fun!!

"Into The Labyrinth" by witheredrose is this week's Featured Poem. Please see the Portal to read and for the reply link.

*Please remember to vote in Brain Box Poll, closing soon.
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 351

The Prompt:


It's time for our first round of Limericks at PS Version 2!! For those members not familiar with Version 1, we would have Limericks as the prompt a few times a year . . . and that's not going to change!! Be clever, be witty, follow the traditional Limerick meter and above all, keep it clean. Nothing we'd read on a bathroom wall, please. Other than that, have fun and be creative!!


And please take the time to read this week's Weekly Featured Poem,
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 262

New Brain Box Words today as well!
The Prompt:

Imagine that you've recently moved into a new house/apartment/flat/condo/etc. At some time during the first few days of exploration of your new home, you find a loose floorboard or a hidden panel of some kind, sending you on a mysterious adventure that reveals the last residents of your new home were really . . .


Submit your entry for this week's prompt in our forums!

Also, don't forget to go to our portal page to read "To Fade from Gold" by ApocalypticJay,...
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 300

Week 6: Ends 4/28/10

Try your hand at writing a children’s poem about the circus. Write as an observer or whoever you are in the attractions. Remember … it’s a poem for children!

Imagine and have Fun!
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 324

Week 5: Ends 4/21/10

Night Moves
"Liponym Form"
It's a very dark and stormy night. Unusual noises, sights and aromas abound. Write your perceptions in a constrained write. The Liponym is to avoid clichéd "storm" words: thunder, lightning, boom, crash, bang, etc.
Have fun, or share your fears, and be creative!!
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 336

Week 4: Ends 4/14/10
Step By Step
Magically, you are "footwear" worn by someone of your choice. Personify yourself: where you go, what you see and hear - whose feet you pinch or comfort.
The possibilities are endless.
Be original: SCUBA diver's boots to Gran's slippers.
Remember, have fun and be creative!!

Last week's Prompt is still open, Week 3: "How Haunting" ... Ends 4/7/10.
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 310

New Brain Box Prompt words are:

Radiance, Fall, Exquisite, Credence, Kicked, Casual, Enveloped, Dirge, Memorised, Season, Head, Keyboards, Remains, Dual, Overflowing, Leaf.

Prompt words will next be changed on April 21.
~ Have fun ~
by Harklight - Comments: 0 - Views: 298

Please don't forget to vote for the Brain Box Award stickied at the top of the Brain Box Board!! Each BB Round will have a voting thread provided we get enough entries and people actually vote!! The prize is a nice graphic award and 1 karma point for the winner! Smile

The Week's Weekly Featured Poem: On Your Beauty by Stevenson

This week's Weekly Prompt...
by Jamie - Comments: 0 - Views: 320
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